Make Time to Play

From my meditation book yesterday (with photographic proof so you can see, I’m not making this stuff up.  The timing of the entries is uncanny!):



“Make Time to Play.  Go play.  Yes, take a break and go play.  When your head starts to pound and your back starts to ache, stop.  Do something you want to do.  Do something that feels good, feels fun.  Leave your worries behind. . . Find time – take time – to play.  It may give you the energy you need.”

This is an absolute crazy week, with the final details (SO many of them) before Toys For Tots distribution day on Saturday.  I feel like the last thing in the world that I have time for is play.  But when I read this and realized that my head WAS pounding and my back WAS aching, I decided to give it a try.  So instead of doing work or packing or toy shopping or even running, I’ve been playing.  I drank beer and made cookies.  I slept in (instead of running 12 miles!).  I ate snickerdoodles and coffee for breakfast (SUCH a good combo!).  I had the BEST 12 hours ever, just playing.  And the book was right.  I now feel happy and energized and ready to deal with the things that need dealing with this week.

Give it a try.  Go Play.

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