Treadmills suck.

What’s worse than running on a treadmill??

Not being able to run at all.  Which is what I thought was going to happen today when I tweaked my back hoisting boxes of toys around.  Since the roads were slop and the temps were below zero, I had already decided it would be a treadmill day.  And I was dreading it because I HATE the treadmill.  But then when I tweaked my back I realized that I would just be so happy to be able to run, that I would not complain about the treadmill.

I had 5 – 6 miles, easy on tap.  And I survived.  But it was one big continuous battle.  It went something like this:

“Ok, I’m just gonna settle into a nice easy 9:00 pace, and if my back doesn’t hurt I will be so thankful to be running, I’ll be able to do it . . . Back is ok, seems like I’ve been running a few miles, let’s take a peek at my distance . . . WTF???? I’ve only been running 4 minutes?  Shoot me now. . . Maybe if I add some incline, it’ll be tolerable . . . Ok, this still sucks, let’s add some decline . . . why didn’t I at least get a good looking guy on the elliptical in front of me to give me something to look at and pass the time . . . alright, NOW I must be almost done . . . WTF???? I’ve only been running 6 minutes . . .”

And on and on and on it went.



Survived!  And I truly was thankful to be able to run (back still feels funky, but actually feels better while running and just hurts while sitting or bending).  But, man, does the treadmill suck!  The roads look ok now, so tomorrow I hit the roads and will be thankful to be out there, even if the windchill is still below zero!

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