Running in a Winter Wonderland (and Phoenix training week #4 recap)

At least the first significant snow of winter happened on a recovery run day.  Although the snow was so deep on the trail, so sloppy on the roads and so pelting in my face that I ended up cutting the planned 8 mile run short at 4.5.  Lesson learned for winter running:  look ahead and plan accordingly.  I should have ran Friday when the roads were clear and rested today!

winter 2012 2



winter 2012 3winter 2012

I do love a good snow day though – when I’m cozied in at home with nothing to do except make hundreds of peanut butter balls for a cookie exchange!


So this week of training went well.  Higher mileage and still managed pilates.  New workout for the week was “Deek 200s” – which was 2 miles of 200m at roughly 4k pace, 200m recovery float, repeat.  I hadn’t done that sort of workout before.   I liked it.  Made the miles go by fast.  Next week is a cut back week, then the real marathon training starts.  Yipee!

Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #4 recap:

  • Miles Run: 56.9
  • Pilates: 3 times


  • M: 8.6 miles (w/ 6 x 800m at 10k pace)
  • T: 10.1 miles (9:05)
  • W: 10.4 hilly miles (9:12)
  • Th: 8.15 miles (w/ a bunch of 200s fast)
  • F: pilates
  • Sa: 15.3 miles (9:01); pilates
  • Su: 4.3 miles (10:43); pilates (yes,  you read that pace right; this is what 6 inches of snow will do to the pace!)

83 days til Race Day!


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