Thursday Thoughts: Toys, Toys and More Toys Edition

Yes, I know.  I’m early.  It’s not quite Thursday yet.  But by the time anyone reads this, it might be.

TFT toys

Anyone want to count and sort these toys for me?

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Toys For Tots craziness is in full gear.  My waking hours AND my sleeping hours are filled with visions of Barbies, Hot Wheels, puzzles and games.  The madness (mostly) ends next Saturday the 15th.  My hours between now and then will be filled with shopping, counting, sorting, reporting.  Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat.
  • Searches that led people to my blog this week:  “Beer” (note to self:  must start blogging less about beer and more about running);  “It’s almost thursday” (EXACTLY!  That’s why I decided to do my Thursday Thoughts post tonight!); “Life is good running” (Agree!); “Running for cake” (Is there any better reason to run?)
  • Double digit mid-week runs this week!  Woot!  My favorite!  10.1 miles yesterday and 10.4 miles today.  Love getting in 10 miles before most normal people even hit their snooze button for the first time.
  • Did I mention that besides the Toys For Tots craziness, ramping up the miles, holiday shopping and that thing called work – that I’m also trying to pack the house because I’m moving the first week in January?!?  Deep breaths.  Serenity now. 🙂

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