Bring on the Cookies!

cookie monster wtf

So remember yesterday when I posted that I had limited myself to 9 cookies for the week?    Yeah, well that was before I went on a holiday baking binge yesterday afternoon and filled myself with snickerdoodles and peanut butter balls.  So I think my weekly total was about 19 cookies.  Trying to eat better is just going to have to wait til after Christmas Cookie season is over.

Someone asked me recently how I could be trained by someone who I don’t run with (I’ve met Coach MG in person, but not run with him; he gives me my training calendar online and then emails me paces and details each week).  I don’t think it’s all that unusual to be trained by someone you don’t see in person.  People hire “online” coaches all the time now. Or follow generic plans from websites or books.  All with varying degrees of success.  I will say that it DID help me last year to train with a group where the coach ran with us several days a week – but I don’t think it’s necessary for race day success.  Plus, Coach MG is a 2:13 marathoner so for him to run with me even at my interval pace would be like crawling for him!

I know a few of my blog readers train with coaches – are they people you know from the community and run with, or online coaches that you’ve never run with in real life.  Thoughts on whether it’s necessary for a coach to see you run?

This morning’s run was fun!  Almost 9 miles with 6 x 800m intervals mixed in.  Wheeee!


3 thoughts on “Bring on the Cookies!

  1. don’t think it’s necessary (coming from a coach too!). unless there is a gait issue or they need form help. and, even then, you wouldn’t be running with them on every run. my clients live all over the US. and, in my experience, most runners don’t want to “run with the coach” – it puts them on edge and makes them nervous.

  2. Kathy

    Coaching needs depend on the person. For me, I have an elite athlete for a coach who is local but we don’t train together. He does test me and work with me on form, drills, and strength a few times per year. This is fine and dandy for me. I feel like I get the information I need without all the expense of an in person coach. There is a very popular coach in our area who coaches each client in person about twice a week, once individually and once in group. Honestly, it sounds nice, but for me I don’t think the results are worth the increased cost. I’m pretty good at getting my workouts in without my coach’s presence.

  3. I have a local coach too, but we don’t run together. We meet at the beginning of each season to talk about goals and recap the last race and we meet right before the big race, but otherwise do everything via e-mail and Google docs. It’s been working great so far.

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