Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #3 recap

Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #3 Recap

Good news! I did pilates (3 times!) this week.  And limited myself to 9 cookies (and 3 pieces of cake . . .)

This was a great week of training for me.  The daily and weekly mileage finally feels like I’m really working out.  But it doesn’t feel like too much (which I largely attribute to the slower pace).  I’m being ultra disciplined with listening to Coach MG about paces and the workouts in general.  Although my body feels like it could do the  daily runs faster, I’m forcing myself to go slow like he says.  Stay tuned.

I am going to move things around and take my rest day during the work week, instead of Sunday.  As the mileage is increasing, it’s just getting too hard to squeeze in ultra early morning workouts before work.  I’m still searching for a job where I can just run and write and eat cookies all day long.  Ideas anyone?

Week #3 summary:

  • Miles run: 50.7
  • Pilates: 3 times!

The details:

  • M: 9.2 miles (w/ 2 x 2.5 miles at GMP and HM paces)
  • T: 7 miles (9:14) hilly route
  • W: 8.2 miles (9:28) w/ 3 strides
  • Th: 6.5 miles (9:30) w/ 12 x 50m hill sprints and walking downhill backwards; pilates
  • F: 7.4 miles (9:58)
  • Sa: 12.3 miles (8:45); pilates
  • Su: pilates

90 days til race day!

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