Sprinklers, Toys and Hills, Oh My!

I figured out a get-rich-quick scheme.  Someone should publish a book for newly divorced women with checklists on Important Stuff that need to be done but that married women make their husbands do don’t pay attention to because they are so busy taking care of their man.  Like blowing out the sprinkler system and turning off the water to it before freezing temps make it blow up, ruining the irrigation system and creating havoc.  Ummmm, yeah.  So that was the excitement in my life yesterday.  Never a dull moment.

Other than THAT excitement, yesterday was a great day.    I ran (7 HILLY miles – found an awesome neighborhood with a 1/2 mile downhill and – you guessed it – a 1/2 mile uphill.  Wheeeeeee!  Good Phoenix and Boston training). I shopped.  I had dinner and caught up with my former sister-in-law.  I learned all about the finer points of winterizing a sprinkler system for Minnesota winters.

The next 2  1/2 weeks are CRAZY busy with Toys For Tots stuff.  There is an insane amount of coordination that goes into providing toys for nearly 800 local needy kids.  I need my running more than ever to keep me sane!

Tomorrow is Backwards Day again.  I’ll be walking down a 60m hill backwards TWELVE times this time.  Crossing my fingers that I’m not nearly crippled with pain again!  Stay tuned.

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