Phoenix Marathon Week #2 Recap

Phoenix Marathon Week #2 recap:

I liked the increased mileage and the fun workouts.  But I was a TOTAL slug on pilates and cross.  I did, however, excel at eating Christmas cookies.  Uggggggg.

Miles run: 39.5

Pilates and cross training:  ZERO!  Cookie eating interfered.


  • M: 7 miles (w/ 4 progressive tempo-ish miles)
  • T: 7 miles (9:21)
  • W: 6.2 miles (w/ 3 x 3 x 300m intervals)
  • Th: 5k (10:07; so fun!)
  • F: 6 miles (9:21)
  • Sa: 10.1 hilly miles (8:50)
  • Su: rest

97 days until race day!

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