Accept What the Day Gives You

So often I hear a quote and think that it’s perfect for running AND for life.  Wise words from my running coach today, with one of those multi-purspose quotes:  “Remember, always accept what the day gives you.”  His wisdom was imparted in the context of telling me not to sweat it if I’m a bit off on my paces for my 2.5 mile (!) repeats tomorrow (wheeeeee!).  As a Type A runner who is experimenting with new things, this was a much needed reminder.  Too often I have beat myself up on workouts if I was off pace 5 or 10 seconds – feeling like it was a failed workout.  As my coach said, the desired training effect will be there whether you nail the paces or deviate by a few seconds.  So tomorrow – and on all my workouts in this training cycle – I am going to try to accept what the day gives me.  And if I’m tired or improperly nourished or just off and therefore not able to hit the exact paces, so be it!  This is also SUCH a great thing to remember on race day – when you can’t control weather, stomach issues, etc.  Stay tuned.

I like this quote even more for life.  “Accept what the day gives you”.  As a single parent of teenagers, these are words to live by!  The moods of everyone in my household – me and the teenagers – are often unpredictable and erratic.  So plans often go awry.  And when they do, I can either fly off the handle and freak out (been there, done that) or shift gears and accept what the day brings.  I can think back to a handful of things that happened this morning that – had I been thinking about “accepting what the day gives you” – I might have handled differently.

I’m gonna make a major effort – in running and life – to live by this motto.  Accept what the day gives you.  I like it!


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