Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #1 recap

Week #1 of Phoenix Marathon training is in the books!


  • Miles run: 34.3
  • Pilates: 1 time (maybe another today??)


  • M: 7.1 miles (8:41) w/ 5 x 1k intervals
  • T: 4 miles (9:14)
  • W: 5.5 miles (8:56) w/ 3 strides
  • Th: 5.6 miles (9:22) w/ 10 x 50m hill sprints and walking downhill backwards
  • F: rest
  • Sa: 4 miles (9:56)
  • Su: 8.2 miles (9:27)


  • The week’s workouts felt ok.  Not too challenging.  Not too easy.  Just right.
  • I should have done the easier end of the hill sprint workout (he said 8 – 10; I always opt for the higher number) and then maybe I wouldn’t have been so sore.
  • Even though the calf soreness sucked, it sucked in a good way, ya know?  I feel like I should do some more backwards downhill walking soon, so that the legs acclimate.
  • Christmas cookies will be the death of me.  I have NO will power.  I am testing out different kinds to make for our Girls 10 Cookie Exchange.  And I can’t seem to just eat one or two.  Instead, I eat 5 or 6 in a row.  Uggggg.
  • I had hoped to do more pilates and some cross this week, but life got in the way.
  • I did NOT sleep enough this week.  Life interfered with that too.
  • Things to concentrate on in Week #2:  sleeping more; having some self control with eating Christmas Cookies; pilates at least 3 times.

104 days til race day!

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