Thursday Thoughts: Blonde Moment Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Can a former-blonde-turned-brunette have Blonde Moments?  Cause I had a major one today with the morning’s hill workout.  It’s actually way too embarrassing to even publicly admit, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that I’m an idiot.  In the interest of full disclosure and trying to be a good trainee, I confessed the details of my Blonde Moment to my coach via email.  He hasn’t responded.  He’s probably running for the hills, wondering WTF he got himself into with me.
  • Good news!  I did NOT fall down this morning while I walked down a fairly steep hill backwards.  10 times.  Must only be when I’m running or biking that I fall.
  • News flash:  Walking down a fairly steep hill backwards hurts.  At first I was fine.  But now, 15 hours later, the back of my calves HURT!  I’m thinking tomorrow’s recovery run is gonna be an ultra slow one.
  • Coach had me go to a sports medicine doc for some blood tests, to test hemoglobin, ferritin and hemocrit – just to make sure I’m in normal range and don’t have any issues (other than the obvious two left feet issue).  So today was the day that I went to the doc to go over my results.  My heart DROPPED when THREE doctors walked in the room with my chart and shook my hand.  I seriously thought that my blood test must have showed that I was dying or had a rare disease or something.  Turns out my tests were all completely normal.  Guess it must have been a slow morning and the docs just needed to triple bill the insurance company or something.  Or maybe word of my morning’s Blonde Moment spread quickly & they wanted to see me for themselves . . .
  • Meg’s cross country banquet was tonight.  So inspiring to see her.  She received the Committment to Excellence award – based on dedication.   Just like mom – she may not be the fastest, but she is SO dedicated and loves running so much.  I love it!


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