Random Observations on Life

Random Observations:

Teenagers are funny.  I bought what I thought was a cool sweater for my 15 year old daughter.  It was argyle with blues and grays.  She gave me a disgusted look when I showed it to her, tried it on and then texted me “It fits weird and makes me look elderly”.  WTF?  It was totally something that I would wear!

Here’s how not to feel guilty about going for 1/2 priced burgers and beer on the first day of marathon training:

Get a side of asparagus and red wine (antioxidants!) instead of fries and beer.  Just as much pleasure (the bacon at Hazellewood is SO flippin good!) and way less guilt! 🙂

Advice on age group prizes – If you win an age group award, pick the award up on race day.  Look what showed up in the mail today for me (broken in two pieces):

I thought for sure I must be missing something when my broken award for 3rd place female 40 – 44 at the Women’s HM arrived.  So I searched and searched in the tissue paper, hoping to find a Target gift card or something useful, but to no avail.

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