Get off your A$$ and make things happen!

Whine. Blame. Whine. Blame.

This week I’ve heard lots of whining and lots of blaming.  About lots of different things from lots of different people.  Some that are directly involved in my life.  Some that are only peripherally involved in my life.  And it frustrates me to hear the whining and blaming and a complete lack of personal responsibility for outcomes.  Because, while on some levels the “stuff” that is being whined and blamed about sucks, for the most part it is just “stuff”.  And if people stopped the whining and blaming and instead focused on the positives and took some responsibility, things would be so much brighter!

I am a BIG believer in fate, destiny, kismet, whatever you want to call it.  I think things happen or don’t happen because that’s how they are meant to be.  But as much as I believe in fate, I believe that a person has to take initiative and have motivation to make things that are meant to be become a reality.  Make sense?  Two examples:

  1. I’m dating someone right now that I truly think was meant to be.  We were set up by a mutual friend.  But if we had waited for the mutual friend to get us together, we might still be waiting.  Instead, I took it upon myself to initiate our first date 6 months ago.  And the rest is history. 🙂
  2. Running.  I’m starting a new training plan and being coached by a kick-ass elite runner dude.  He wasn’t contemplating coaching middle-aged-wanna-be-semi-fast-marathoner-chicks.  But I contacted him and made him do it suggested that it might be a good opportunity for him to coach me.  And the rest is history. 🙂

Fate?  Maybe.  But only because of initiative and motivation, instead of whining and blame.


In running news, this has been a great week of easy running.  Nothing but me and my thoughts and loving every step of all my runs.  So thankful for running!

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