Random Saturday Thoughts

Yes, it’s a Saturday night and I’m blogging.  Exciting  life, I know.  Random Saturday thoughts (not quite as catchy as Thursday Thoughts, but I was busy on Thursday):

  • FINALLY feeling like I’ve had a real week of running.  It’ll still only end up about 35 miles (5 days), but that’s the most I’ve had since Chicago.  It feels so good to be ramping up again!  First double digit run since Chicago today.  11 heavenly miles with just me and my thoughts.  Loved every step of it.
  • I have been eating like a frickin pig.  Crap food.  Ugggg.  Must improve the diet.  Someone send me a link to an article on garbage in, garbage out and running.  I know there must be one out there.  I feel like I’ve skimmed such an article before.  I need something to give me a kick in the ass to improve my diet.
  • Boston madness is starting! My parents booked tickets for a Saturday bus tour of the course for us.  Fun!!!!!
  • I will not be winning any awards for Mom of the Year any time soon.  My son just told me he thinks he will be scarred for life because I didn’t buy any pumpkins for Halloween this year.  Bad mom.
  • What’s up with the iPad mini?  Anyone have one?  I just don’t see the need for yet another different sized i-product.
  • Anyone doing the Lifetime Thanksgiving 5k?

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