My Treasures


Lately I have been feeling so alive and appreciative of all the treasures that I have. It’s amazing how when you slow down and look around, you treasure what you have so much more.

Last week my daughter got her drivers permit.  She was SO happy and excited.  I loved seeing her excitement.  She is so grown up!

My son switched his braces color to pink in support of breast cancer.  I love him! 🙂

And I was able to run 5 times.  I ran soooo slow last week.  I’m trying to keep my heart rate at true recovery rate, which means my pace is ultra ultra slow (because I must still be recovering from the marathon and because of crazy busy work and life schedule, which are affecting my heart rate).  But I ran 28 miles total and my legs feel good.  And for each step that I can run, I am thankful and happy.

I have my annual girls trip next weekend.  I haven’t had quality time with the girls in ages and am SO looking forward to 4 days in Savannah to shop, sight see (ghost tour!) eat, drink and gossip with the girls!

I feel lucky to have so many treasures. 🙂

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