Thursday Thoughts: Life Is Good Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts (I know, it’s not Thursday yet, but by the time anyone reads this, it will be).

  • My daughter has her driving permit.  Yikes!
  • I got the new book “Hansons Marathon Method” (billed as a “renegade path to your fastest marathon”).  I’m liking what I have read so far.  And I’m feeling very much like a renegade, so very seriously contemplating giving it a try.  Stay tuned.
  • A friend emailed me with some running questions, looking for advice about his upcoming marathon in New York.  Two thoughts:  1) I’m flattered that people look to ME for marathon advice.  2) New York will be his third world major marathon this year (Boston, Chicago and now New York).  What an amazing year for him!
  • You may be wondering why I’m up this late (for me) blogging. Meg is hosting the girls from her cross country team for a sleepover.  On a work night.  And I’m drinking red wine to get through the chaos supervising. They bought white running bras and used fabric paint and decorated them.  I need to convince our running group to do that
  • Sometimes you just need to say “I’m done” and move on.
  • I am at a point with just about everything in my life where I can say “Life Is Good”! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Life Is Good Edition

  1. Krisana

    I looked at the Renegade plan (as reported at Runners World) and it looks like a match for you. It will allow you to keep some of your longer runs during the week. Good Luck!

    1. Yes I remember that article from a couple years ago maybe – and that is what piqued my interest then. The actual plan is quite different than the Runners World story though – that one really is meant for beginners that just want to finish and caps long runs about 16 miles. The plan I’d do has a bunch of weeks of 20’s (though depending on my paces I think it’d be less than 20 for some of them because their theory is really that long run should max out at 2.5 hours).

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