Moving Forward

Today life stuff made me NEED to run in the worst way.  I was nervous that the legs wouldn’t cooperate and wouldn’t be adequately recovered from the Chicago Marathon.  But they were ok.  Not great.  The usual post-marathon tightness and heaviness.  But they good enough to get me out for almost 5 slow miles.  And those 5 miles were JUST what I needed because I was mixed about packing up 13 years of memories at our family cabin and, finally, moving forward with that part of the untangling/divorce.  During those 5 miles, I reflected.  I remembered.  I grieved.  I cried.  I processed.  And by the end I was thankful.  Thankful for every second of my past because it got me to my present and my present is really, truly The Best.  And it is where my whole family needs to be.   And, I was thankful that I am healthy and able to run, because running was SO needed today.

Today running allowed me to work through my emotions and instead of leaving me feeling sad and remembering my tears and the gloomy weather today, I will be able to focus on remembering the fun times the kids and their friends, and our family, had at the cabin.

Today’s run on shore of Mille Lacs

Good memories on the shore of Mille Lacs

Moving forward.  Because that’s what life is about.  And really, truly, thankful for every step that I am able to run.

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hugs to you girl. Ouch. Hard day no doubt. Glad the run helped. I agree though that everything serves its purpose. This clearly was a very special one.

  2. It may be temporary, but I’ve found running as a good salve to ease whatever troubles are going through my mind. I hope your runs allow you the same as you go down this new path of yours

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