Go On Down the Road

Photo courtesy of my kick ass photographer brother, Thomas J Spence

On Monday, a passage was in my Melody Beattie meditation book (Journey to the Heart) that – once again – just fit.  Perfectly.  For struggles I have been having (and, literally, was having again on Monday morning) with my running life.  And also for things (not struggles, new exciting things) happening in my personal life.

So here you go, lucky readers, the passage:

Leave When It’s Time to Go.  You knew you wouldn’t be in this situation in this place with these people forever.  Trust the rhythms and cycles of life.  Take responsibility for yourself within each cycle.  Take responsibility for yourself as each cycle ends and a new one begins.  You don’t have to hold onto messengers after they’ve delivered the message in your life . . .You don’t have to stay in a classroom after you’ve learned the lessons and finished that course.  Open your heart.  Thank the people, places and things that have helped create your world, shape you, form your experiences.  Then pick up, pack up and leave.  Say good-bye with love and gratitude in your heard.  And go on down the road.

Stay tuned. 🙂


In other news, Meg ran varsity CC today at her conference meet.  She was so nervous!  But on a really tough course she ran strong and got a PR (for this year).  So fun to watch her run!


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