I’m back!

I’m back from Chicago.

And disappointed (understatement) in how the race panned out. But I finished.  So marathon #10 is in the books.  Full report to follow soon.

Despite the race itself being a disappointment for me, I learned a lot about myself and what is important, in life, this weekend.  And what I learned is far more important than achieving a fast race time.  I truly am blessed. 🙂

Stay tuned.



8 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. dory

    great that you an realize that sometimes from our greatest disapointments or PERCEIVED failures can come greater blessings!! Love your wise (now that I’m70) MOM

  2. Lynne

    Hey, never forget how awesome you are in the eyes of all of us who’ve yet to achieve even ONE marathon…or even half, for crying out loud. As stupid as it sounds, I ( who run a 12 minute mile) get discouraged on time after a ten mile run…when I couldn’t even go 100 feet without full body collapse just a few months ago. Meh, time. It’s the process that counts, and it sounds like there was a lot of good in that. Congratulations on months of discipline, training, hard work and finishing a race in a new place. Well done.

  3. Mo

    Delurking. I found your blog via a “BQ” search a year or so ago. Although it sucks, we learn the most from our most disappointing races. And anyway, BOSTON is the most important and just around the corner. See you there!

  4. So bummed that your race did not pan out. You looked fantastic when I saw you and I thought for sure this would be your race. I have been there and know this type of thing can be a very tough pill to swallow (understatement), so I am glad the weekend had a lot of other great stuff for you. Recover well.

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