Green Means GO!

Random Marathon Thoughts:

  • It’s funny how weather is so relative.  The marathon sent an email yesterday about the event risk level being GREEN, which means good conditions for marathon running.  Green means go!  And I am SO ready to race 26.2
  •  I hear some bloggers/people whining about how COLD they think Chicago is going to be and so they are bundling up in tights and layers.  (Forecast now is about 38 at start, 53 for high; so my guess is it’ll be 45 degrees at finish).  To me this sounds PERFECT and it also sounds like tank top and shorts running weather (with arm warmers at the start and roll them down and/or give them to spectating friends when I see them; also with my calf compression sleeves, which I LOVE for the support but which will also help with warmth a bit).
  • Have I mentioned that I love running 26.2 miles????
  • I’m trying a new color with this marathon.  Red! Because it’s fast! I’ll still wear a splash of pink somewhere though. 🙂
  • My meditation entry from one of the days this week was fitting.  It was about stopping being afraid of the unknown and instead embrace it.  It was fitting for life AND for running marathons.  With each marathon I run I become more excited and less afraid.  I’m more relaxed about the marathon (which I suppose is normal because now I know I can cover the distance).  The unknown challenges make each marathon unique and memorable.  I am SO excited for Chicago!

6 thoughts on “Green Means GO!

  1. I’m with you, that sounds perfect weather to me! That forecast is very similar to the year I ran it, 2009, and it was glorious! (This from a girl who at the time lived in Florida and had never ran in anything colder than 60* I ran in a tank top, sleeves, and shorts and was fine!) I wish those same people realized that the last two years it’s been ridiculously HOT in Chicago. I’ll never understand people… always gotta complain about something. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We’re going to be having similar conditions for the Twin Cities Marathon… I’m struggling with what to wear (this is my first full marathon). I know I’ll be wearing shorts (probably with compression sleeves too)… but I don’t know whether to do short sleeves with arm warmers or long sleeves.

    1. Good luck Mike! My vote is DEFINITELY short sleeves with arm warmers. Then you can roll them down if you get warm, whereas with long sleeves you are stuck. I have been watching your forecast too – does look very similar but colder start. Bring throw away clothes and keep them on in the starting corral and ditch them 5 minutes before go-time.

      1. Thanks for the advice! The nice thing about Twin Cities is you can do all your warmup in the Metrodome, so the amount of time standing around in the cold before start should be minimized.

        Good luck on getting your PR! I know I will PR… since it is my first marathon!

  3. That weather forecast….amazing! I’m so excited for you. Chilly marathons are the best! And the hot chocolate after you smash your PR will be even better that way, too. :^)

  4. It was even colder in 2009 (28 at the start) and I wore a tank top, skirt, arm warmers and throw away gloves. I was very comfortable the entire time (and I PRed!!). We are getting absolutely perfect weather conditions and I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited!! Just bring away a throw-away shirt as you will be cold standing in the starting coral for a while. And don’t try to get to the starting corral at the last minute (e.g. start trying to get in before 7) – there are tons of people and it takes a LONG time. You don’t want to be stressed out trying to get in before the start.

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