Race Week!

Yipee!  Race week is here.  I am SO excited to race the Chicago Marathon on Sunday!

The Twin Cities and Chicago training group got together yesterday for a run and beers.  Good times.


This week is all about resting, continuing to eat well (I’m almost at race weight of 117 – yipee!) and resting some more.  The legs and the mind are starting to feel ready. 🙂 And the weather is looking ideal!

Have I mentioned that I love love love running 26.2 miles?!?!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Race Week!

  1. Lynne

    So cool! I’m eager to read how it all goes for you. After running 9 this last weekend I was so proud…and then I thought how this is 1/3 of the marathon. : / 26.2 is such a long way. Maybe you could share your mental strategies sometime. Hope you have a great race!!

  2. dory

    Thinking of you and your race and sending light and love every day stay calmand safe and sleep well!! LOVE Mom

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