This morning was our final long run before Chicago (and some of our group are doing Twin Cities).


Post run refueling with beer, chocolate milk and donuts.  Mmmmm.

I’d love to say it was 16 miles of fun.  But it sucked.  Almost from the very first step I felt off.  I had a side ache for much of the run.  I was winded.  My heart rate was higher than normal.  And I just felt blah.  Could be any number of reasons – it’s been a stressful week for me (life stuff); I ate about 200 M&M’s last night (no joke); I didn’t want to be at the group run because I was worried about the extra time it takes to drive over to the lakes (I have a million things to do today and didn’t want to miss the extra hours).  Maybe I’m not tapering enough?  Who knows?

Anyway – today was a good reminder that you can have the best training cycle ever and have an off day on race day for no apparent reason.  Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen (and glad I have CIM as back up 8 weeks later if it does happen).

2 weeks!

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