Taper Time!

I’m trying to look at taper differently this time around.  Instead of being irritated that I have to take days off of running, I’m trying to think of my days off as training.  Because, really, the taper is so important – to allow the body to recover from all the hard training and to ready itself to run 26.2 fast.  So I’m trying to sleep a bit extra (which is hard because work has been crazy busy), eat and drink better (or at least not eat and drink like total crap) and I’m spending some of the time that I would be running doing core and/or pilates instead.  So far so good.  But I’ve only had one rest day. 🙂 Stay tuned.

In other exciting news, I’m still not officially in to Boston.  Despite BAA’s proclamation that we won’t hear until after 5:00 p.m. Friday, I’m still obsessively checking my email and the confirmed entrant list – hoping for good news earlier.   But I have booked a hotel for April.  🙂

Weird searches that led people to my blog this week:  “Let my mother in law see me naked” (WTF people??); “cute running shoes”  (just be sure they are also comfy!); “escape stress lawyer” (I recommend a good 20 mile run, that always does the trick for me!); “running marathon naked” (yikes!).

Oh – and remember when I said I was doing the Iron Girl Duathlon?  Well, don’t look for a race report.  I’m bailing.  It scares me and stresses me to think about biking around so many people.  So I’m out.

One thought on “Taper Time!

  1. Tina Mielke

    Hey Cindi, I was looking forward to maybe seeing you on Sunday.
    But, I know you are gearing up for your BIG race and HUGE PR!

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