Let The Waiting Begin

I submitted my Boston registration right away at 9:00 this morning, just in case I misread the instructions one of the 10,000 times that I read them and it is really a first come, first served deal.  (It’s not).  My guess is I hear sometime on Saturday.  Anyone want to venture a guess on how many times I check the Confirmed Entrant’s page, just in case they list me there before sending me an email?  Probably safe to bet I’ll do it at least 100 times between now and when I hear from BAA.  I’m obsessive like that.  I’ve already checked twice! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Let The Waiting Begin

  1. Jenny

    Right there with you… Checked twice already… Found out there are 3 other people with my last name in. I also keep rereading the rules to make sure… But no… They are going to wait the whole week and pick the fastest runners if/when it fills…. It’s going to be a long week. Good luck!

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