So Thankful!

Today was my 15 year old daughter’s confirmation ceremony.  I know every parent thinks their kid is the best, but my daughter Meghan REALLY is the best.  Since this is a running blog and since she occasionally reads this and would probably be embarrassed if I went on and on about her publicly, I’ll just say this about her:  I look at her and think that she is the kind of person that I want to be.  Seriously.

Me and Meg

I don’t know if it’s the confirmation ceremony or that taper is starting or that BOSTON REGISTRATION IS TOMORROW or what, but I’m feeling really thankful.  About so much.  Since this is a running blog, I’ll try to keep it to running, but here are some of the things I was thinking about today that I am SO thankful for:

  • That my mom cares enough about me and my running that she came our for our 20+ mile training run yesterday with bright pink signs and a cowbell when we hit mile 1.  And then that she came back out when we hit mile 19.  She is awesome!
  • That I get to press submit tomorrow for Boston registration and that (fingers crossed) it looks like there may actually be enough room and I’ll get in this year.  Getting in to Boston has been 5 years in the making for me and I will be SO ecstatic if I receive an email confirming that I’ve been accepted.  (And you, my lucky readers, will get endless blog posts about Boston, Boston, Boston!)
  • That my daughter Meghan loves running.  Without pressure from me she just started it on her own.  And she loves it.  For most of the same reasons that I do.  It is AWESOME to have her say, “I’m stressed out – I need to go for a run”.  (Not awesome that she would be stressed, but that she is like a mini-me and has figured out that running is such a great, healthy way to relieve stress.)
  • That Chicago is 3 weeks away and the whole weekend is going to be filled with all things running.  With dinners and runs and (post race) drinking with my training group.  With meeting new blogging friends.  With meeting another blond-running-blogging-lawyer (oh wait, I’m not blond anymore . . .) With shopping for lots of running stuff that I don’t need, but really want, at the expo.  And with running 26.2 miles.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE running 26.2 miles.  SO fun! 🙂
  • I’m thankful for Lulu.  I love their stuff.  And I’ve spent an obscene amount of money there recently. 🙂
  • Lately, the thing that I’m most thankful for, is that (besides my mom) I have another #1 cheerleader/supporter, who supports me in not just all things running – but in all things period. Stay tuned. 🙂

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