Disciplined Running

Today’s long run, for me, was about being disciplined.  Not the “you’ve been bad” kind of discipline (although I DID look abused after my run today; another fall!  The sidewalk just jumped out in front of me again.  I swear I’m not running on sidewalks anymore.  I’m gonna break the law and run on the street.)

Running is a dangerous sport!

The discipline that I’m talking about was with my pace.  I wanted to run slow for the 1st 1/2 and a bit faster for the 2nd 1/2 (but all slower than marathon pace).  The biggest challenge for me, I knew, would be not getting caught up in the group pressure to run fast.  I know the group is good for challenging/pushing in a lot of workouts, but on the last long run this close to the marathon I didn’t see any point in going to fast.  Today wasn’t the race.  That’s in 3 weeks.  SO – my goal was 8:30 pace for the first 1/2 and 8:00 pace for the 2nd 1/2.  Ended up with 21 miles at 8:16 pace average, so I’d say it was a success!  Although I will admit that some of the earlier miles were too fast because I did stay with the group to gab a bit. And then one of my later miles was slow because I didn’t stop garmin when I fell. Uggggg.  Must stop falling.

It was SO fun to have my mom out on Summit cheering for us! She had the usual signs, as well as one saying “Cindi Matt is Chicago bound”. And she was ringing a cowbell. 🙂 All of that deserved a quick stop to give her a sweaty hug.  So cute!

Oh – in other exciting news – I got moved up to Corral B in Chicago.  So I’m in wave 1, corral B.  Yipee!  I figure that should put me behind/among about 4000 runners instead of back with 45,000.  I’m sure the marathon must be following my blog and realize how speedy I am and that’s why I got moved up. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Disciplined Running

  1. dory

    Forgot to tell you a couple of people said they were in your group as they ran by ,but just random people said thanks for the support (I just could NOT stop ringing that COWBELL after you went by) It was my FAVORITE COWBELL that I won at Grandmas Marathon!!

  2. Nice! Not the falling part, but the awesome pace! I don’t now how you manage your long runs that fast in peak training. No way I could have done that today! BTW – I never run on the sidewalk and I pass police daily who waive and smile. The sidewalk is hard and clearly dangerous, so I’d take the risk. 🙂

    So glad you are in B – I didn’t realize you were in C before. That *would* have been tough with the paces you are wanting to run. I recommend you get into the corral early too so you can get toward the front. I didn’t last year and had to fight through traffic the first several miles!

    Congrats on making it to this point – you are going to rock Chicago and I look forward to celebrating with you after you do!

    1. Mindi – I think I was able to have a strong long run b/c the recovery days this week were all MAJOR slow recovery runs. Had I done what you did this week and done two days of 8:xx pace 11 mile runs right before the 21, I wouldn’t have been able to go 8:16 pace. The part I loved the most about this run was that the only part that felt challenging was going up the hill before St. Thomas (you remember that long gradual hill, right?). The rest felt easy and relaxed!

      SO looking forward to meeting you in Chicago!

      1. I guess that does make a lot of sense. It is kind of weird because I never run recovery pace or anything over 9 anymore. Even with a 70 mile week! It seems odd, but it worked out fine for me this spring – hopefully the same will be true this fall. I’m looking forward to our meet-up too – look out Chicago – here comes runninlaw and runninfromthelaw! 🙂

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