Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Did all 5 of my readers see that you can get a FREE download of my BFFs’ book Running The Edge on September 16 and 17th?  Check out the Run the Edge blog for details.  You all know that I LOVED this book and highly recommend it, even for non-runners.  It is inspirational and will make you want to be a better person and a better runner.

Tomorrow is the last major long run of the Chicago Marathon training cycle.  I’ll go at least 20, maybe up to 22 depending on how things feel.  We are running it as part of the Lifetime Capitol run – essentially a supported training run from the Capitol up Summit and out 10 miles, then back the final 10 miles of the Twin Cities course.  Lucky me – I will have a cheering section, complete with bright pink Runnin-From-the-Law signs – for this training run.  My parents have a condo on Summit (at mile 25 of the TCM course) and I mentioned to my mom that I would be running by their place for tomorrow’s training run.  Since my mom is my number 1 running fan and has come out with bright pink signs every time I’ve run Twin Cities (four times), she was a bit disappointed that I’m running Chicago instead of Twin Cities this year.  So she decided that she’s going to drag out the signs and cheer me and the group on for our training run tomorrow.  Good times. Look for these signs if you are running the Capitol run tomorrow.  (My mom seriously has like 10 of them and she usually sets them up in a big long line covering the whole block!)

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