Chicago, CIM & TCM elevation profiles

We had a hill workout this morning that left me wondering:  Why am I doing hills?  Isn’t Chicago supposed to be flat?  And CIM supposed to be net downhill?  But we ARE training with a bunch of people that are doing TCM – and that’s hilly.  Plus, I know hills are good for strength and speed.   So, it’s all good.

But, because I’m starting to obsess think ahead about my races and about past races I’ve done, I did some research and found elevation profiles of Chicago, CIM and TCM.*  I like analyzing things. 🙂

Chicago Marathon Elevation Profile

Holy crap – what a flat course!  (But 45,000 runners to dodge around!)

California International Marathon Elevation Profile

Looks fast on paper – but downhills sort of freak me out!

Twin Cities Marathon Elevation profile

If I could PR & BQ on this, I can do it at Chicago, right?

*Can’t remember what site I stole them from, but it looked like it was credible.  Very interesting too – had about 15 – 20 other marathon elevation profiles.

One thought on “Chicago, CIM & TCM elevation profiles

  1. The Chicago course is incredibly flat. It is awesome! But you are right in that it is crowded. Get in your corral early enough to get closer up front (are you in B or C?). Last year I was in B and getting kicked in the shins the first 5 miles. Hopefully the new wave start this year will improve things…. The only hill you will feel is at mile 26. You have to run up a bridge before you turn down to the finish which kind of hurts at that point, but it is easier if you know it is there – so leave a little tiny bit in the tank for that. Chicago is by far my favorite course (way better than Boston IMHO) – flat, fast, awesome spectators and your pit crew can see you 5+ times. You’ll love it if it isn’t ridiculously hot. 🙂 Oh, and those hills will make you strong. Keep at ’em. 🙂

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