Chicago Marathon Training, Week #12 recap

I feel really good about training this week.  Mileage was back up there and I hit all my paces on the quality workouts (and was smart about making the miles slow during recovery miles).  I am SO excited for the actual marathon weekend itself – we started making travel plans, dinner plans, post-race party plans, etc.  I can’t wait!

The workout that I was most excited about this week was my 20 miler.  Instead of meeting up with the group for it, I had planned on doing it solo.  I love running with the group – especially long runs – because it’s social and it pushes me.  BUT – I decided it was more important for me to run my 20 solo this week because I needed to know that I could do it straight through (we end up stopping on group runs for like 5 – 10 minutes total, waiting for people to catch up, stopping for water, etc.) and at my own pace.  When I run with the group I get caught up in running other people’s paces, which can make my easy miles too fast.  Plus, I desperately needed 3 hours of “me time” to process some stuff – all fun.  🙂  The run was EXACTLY what I needed – fabulous feeling, no GI issues, no leg issues and 6 miles in the middle at marathon pace.  It was such a mental boost for me!

Chicago Marathon Training, Week #12 Recap:

  • Miles Run:  62.3
  • Miles Biked: 0  (no time;  crazy busy work/life stuff)
  • Pilates: 2 times
  • Core: 2 time (I swear I thought I did more; uggggg; I guess pilates counts as core though, huh?)

The Details:

  • M: 10.9 miles (w/ 10k race 45:39)
  • T: 8.2 miles (8:32)
  • W: 8.5 miles (8:48; w/ 6 x 100m strides)
  • Th: 9.5 miles (w/ 8 x 800m ranging from 3:17 – 3:22 and 1 x 1 mile at 7:33)
  • F: pilates
  • Sa:20 miles (8:18; w/ 6 miles at MP 7:39 -7:53)
  • Su: 5.5 (9:22)

27 days til race day!  Holy crap!

After my 20 miler, I spent the day being an assistant brew master, making beer!  So fun!  (And since the beer wasn’t ready for drinking, much red wine was had instead.  Perfect recovery for a hard 20 miler).

Barley going in!


Something else going in, not sure what exactly!


I have no idea what I’m doing here.  Too much red wine, I think. 🙂

5+ gallons of beer doing it’s thing (it’ll be ready for drinking in 2 weeks)

So fun to make beer! 🙂

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