Things Are Working Out

It’s been FAR too long since I have bored you all  enriched all of your lives with deep thoughts from my Melody Beattie daily meditation book.  Brace yourselves.

Background:  I’ve been on edge lately about life stuff and running stuff.  Not stressed.  Not worried.  But a little bit anxious.  It’s the Type-A in me coming out.  I know how I feel and what I want, and so I want to just hurry up and get there and make it a reality.  Now.  ASAP.  Do not pass go and do not collect $200.  Just get me the F to the finish line that I have in my mind!

With running, I’m on edge because I feel really really good about my training and excited to be running a marathon soon (in a month and 2 days!!), but I haven’t nailed down – and really mentally processed – a goal for the marathon.  I believe – know, actually – that I have a huge PR in me based on my physical and mental training.  But it’s making me anxious – on edge – that I don’t have a specific goal time in my mind yet.

In life, I’ve been anxious – on edge – too. But I’m not baring my soul on the internet, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. 🙂

So, back to the meditation which I know you are all dying to hear about.  Yesterday’s reading just fit.  For my running stuff AND for my life stuff.  So here you go:

Things Are Working Out

Right now, this moment, things are working out.  We try to control, shape and form.  Try to  figure things out.  We back off, then come closer.  We worry and wonder.  But things are working out.  The dance of life is taking place in sync with the rhythm of the universe.  Everything is working out, moving forward, evolving.  There is a rhythm, an energy, a life force that continues, that shapes, that grows.  You do not have to fight, resist, control or even understand it.  All you need to do is be – be present for your life, your love, yourself.  Your soul will lead you on.  Your inner voice, your heart, is leading you on.  Quiet your mind and trust that where you are and where you’re being led is perfect.  Let your mind see what your soul already knows: things are working out perfectly.

Moral of this meditation?  For life and for running it’s the same:  live in the moment and relax because things ARE working out in the way that they are meant to work out.

Since this is a running blog how does this translate to my Chicago goal?  I don’t know.  Didn’t you just read my post?  I’m relaxing and trusting that the answer will come to me. Let’s just hope it comes before I toe the line on October 7th! 🙂

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