The Most Brilliant Combination Ever

I hate to be one of those people that tweet and blog about food that they eat.  But I need to do it here.  Because I just ate the most delicious, brilliant thing that has ever existed.


Those aren’t just sliders that you are looking at.  They are PEANUT BUTTER & BACON sliders.  Yep.  You read that right.  An unlikely combination.  A little bit intimidating of a combination.  But the most fricking brilliant combination that I’ve tasted in ages!  It was seriously SO delicious.  How could it not be?!?

So here’s hoping that peanut butter and bacon sliders provide the right combination of nutrients to fuel me to a 10k PR tomorrow! 🙂 I’m gonna lay it all out there during the 10k, not only because I want a PR, but because the friend that I’m going with made me promise if I didn’t get a PR in the 10k, I’d do the double header that he is doing (a 5k after the 10k).  Wish me speedy racing vibes!


In other exciting news – I had a fabulous weekend catching up with my college roommate.  I haven’t seen her in 16 years!  I remember us starting our freshman year in college 23 years ago just like it was yesterday.  I was nervous and excited, but RELIEVED after I met her and we hit it off right away.  I can’t believe we let life and distance get in the way of staying in touch (other than via FB) for the past 16 years!



In other REALLY exciting news:  I can see my abs!  And they are starting to feel hard and defined all the sudden.  Guess watching what you eat does help (other than my treat filled open house, I’ve been relatively good this week).  There will not be a photo of my stomach, so move along.


Chicago Training Week #11 Recap

  • Miles run: 42.3
  • Miles biked: 44.5
  • Core: two times (I swear I thought I did it more!)
  • Pilates: two times


  • M: 6.3 miles of hills (8:15)
  • T: bike 24.5 miles
  • W: 8.1 miles (7:23) (4×400, 1×800; 4×400; 1×800)
  • Th: 3.6 miles (9:31); pilates
  • F: 8.3 miles (8:34)
  • Sa: 16 miles (8:18)
  • Su: bike 20 miles; pilates

I felt good about this week.  It was a cut back week so that we can totally ramp up the next 2 1/2 weeks before taper.  Just cutting back a tiny bit this week made my legs feel stronger and fresher for the quality workouts that I did.  Now I’m ready to work hard for about 17 more days, then taper!

34 days til race day!  (Holy crap!)

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