Thursday Thoughts: Sweet Treats Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • I’m having a work party today.  Just sweet treats and drinks.  My kind of party!  How will I choose which dessert to have?!  I’m guessing that I’ll have all of them . . .


Carrot Cake


Red Velvet Cupcake

Lemon Cupcake

  • I love these guys!  (From a family photo session we had done last weekend)




  • Yesterday was a kick ass workout:  8 miles with 4 x 400 at hard effort (1:32, 1:29, 1:29, 1:29), 1 x 800 at 3:23, 4 x 400 at hard effort (1:30, 1:27, 1:27, 1:25), 1 x 800 at 3:23.  Best part about it was that heartrate was better than similar workout a couple weeks ago, even though paces were faster yesterday.  Wheee!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Sweet Treats Edition

  1. Lynne

    What is that on top of the red velvet cupcake? A chocolate covered dried cherry? It’s cute and looks yummy! Did you make these? They all look very professional!!

    Cute kiddos! Love the curls.

    I’m reading Lore of Running. Have you ever read it? The first section is all about the physiology of running–lots of technical stuff I don’t much understand, like VO2 max and mitochondial. But one point he made which I felt was very pertinent to me is that the average runner will only improve so much before plateauing…permanently. My VO2 max can only go so high and then I’m topped out because of my genetics. He tells a theoretical story: if a normal, average guy gets trained by a world-class trainer, in the mode of a world-class athlete, he’s still gonna finish an ultramarathon at least 2 hours slower than an elite athlete who underwent the exact same training program. Elites are elite not because of training, but because of genetics. They need the training, too, of course, but the training isn’t what separates me from them.

    All this made me think of your story of how much you’ve increased your times over the last seven years. I think maybe you have some elite genes in you! And I’m not sure I’ve got those genes. At any rate, I’ll still keep tripping away, but maybe I should focus less on time and more on enjoying the process, eh?

    1. Yes, they are dried choc covered cherries. They were good! An attorney who works in my building made all of them – she is a baker extraordinaire!

      I have read Lore of Running (Obviously not all of it, that’s a monster of a book!). I can’t recall that specific chapter, but I suppose it makes sense. However, my guess is the plateau he is talking about happens over a period of many many years. I don’t think I’m there yet. I’m sure you aren’t there yet either.

      Ha – me with elite genes?! Maybe my improvement in running is from my BFFs Adam and Tim and THEIR elite genes rubbing off on me! 🙂

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