And the winner is . . .

Brad from Dallas!  Congrats to Brad from Dallas, Texas who won the autographed copy of the new edition of Running the Edge by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano.  I think Brad may be staking Adam and Tim even more than I am – I haven’t invited them to stay at my house!  Yet.

Brad commented, “COME TO DALLAS!!! Hell, y’all can even stay at our house. Lots of room…see….saved y’all a few hundred dollars. ;)

I did the drawing legitimately – through a random number generator site.  Between here, email and my facebook page, there were 85 different entries (some of you disobeyed my one rule and entered twice!)

Had I done the drawing differently and gotten to choose a winner, I would have picked Chris, who commented:

cbursian says:

Umumumumumum…Pick me, pick me!! That would be a great book to have, plus Adam got his start not too far from me! University of Colorado is just down the road!

Why would I have picked Chris?

  1. He actually reads and comments my blog on a regular basis!
  2. He shares my belief that August 9th is the best day of the year.
  3. Like me, he is also dealing with life as a recently divorced runner and so I think the book’s principles/teachings about being a better runner AND being a better person would be something he would really get a lot out of.

SO – BFF’s if you are so inclined, feel free to send Chris an autographed copy of your book as well.

Thanks to all who participated in the give away.  You may all go back to your normal lives and stop checking in on my blog every hour to see if you have won!

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