Thursday Thoughts: Minnesota State Fair Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Minnesota State Fair starts today.  I’m taking the day off work one day next week and taking Carter.  I LOVE that he is 13 and still doesn’t mind hanging out with me.  I’m thinking I better get up early that day and run 20 miles to try to counteract all the food I plan on eating:  Sweet Martha’s cookies; pronto pup; belgian waffle on a stick (covered in chocolate and whip cream); beer; mini-donuts; cheese curds and corn on the cob (I need my vegetables, right?)
  • Funny searches that led people to my blog this week:  “nude running races” (seriously? Do people really think these exist?); “Dairy Queen” (enough said); “teen foot fetish – sexy blonde” (Good Lord!  And MY blog showed up for this search??!); “rain storm no excuses for training” (right – a little rain won’t hurt – get your a$$ out there!); “fell on my elbow” (been there, done that; knees too); “truth about marathons” (they are awesome! and they suck!)
  • Pilates has returned to my routine.  Why do I let myself slack off and stop doing it?  I feel so much better when I do it – more flexible (relatively speaking; I still may be the World’s Least Flexible Person) and stronger.
  • I can’t wait to race Chicago! 🙂
  • The elevation profile for this weekends half marathon is HILLY.  Uggggg. Guess it’ll just be a strong training run – no PR for this girl!
  • I am feeling really grateful this week for so many things. 🙂

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