Kiss of Wine

Today was one of those days.  A bottle of vino kind of day.

Yes, that’s the brand-new-not-yet-available-to-the-public-edition of Running The Edge in the background.  Check out my post here for details on how this very book (autographed by authors Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano) can be yours!

My day was filled with all the makings of a crappy day: no run (rest day; SO important but oh-so-difficult to force myself to sit still!), work stress, life stress and a poor diet (I did start the day out with yogurt and pineapple, but then went down hill with chocolate cake, pita chips, pizza and red wine).

But the day turned around when I read the message and label on this fabulous (and cheap!) bottle of Garnacha called Beso de Vino (my new favorite kind of red, from Spain):  “Antonio the Bull, kissed this wine and he fell in love . . . Beso de Vino ‘Kiss of Wine’, the Spanish temptation in a bottle.  Fall in love. Have fun.”  Wise words.  And, just as I was reading the label, I got a text with some super exciting news and some other words that warmed my heart.  (Or maybe it was the wine warming my heart??) 🙂  Anyway – I love the message on this bottle of wine.

Fall in love.  Have fun.

Why not?

I can’t wait til my love returns tomorrow – one day off and I miss my running! 🙂


By the way – I am LOVING the book “The Exceptions” by David Cristofano.  Anyone read it?  Or the first book “Girl She Used to Be”?  (I didn’t even know there was a first book; I’m excited to read it when I’m done with The Exceptions).  SO well written and engaging.  I’m gonna go read more with my glass of red right now!

One thought on “Kiss of Wine

  1. oh my gosh, i’m the same…i DREAD rest day!! haha…funny how mentally i am in a much more irritable mood when i’m deprived of my endorphins for even just 24 hours. 🙂 but all in the name of taking care of the bod!
    here’s to looking forward to finding love…have fun getting ur love back AND ur run on. 🙂

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