Heart Rate Doesn’t Lie

I was going to title this blog post “2 Mile Repeats Suck A$$”.  Because after we ran 3 x 2 miles (at all out; goal MP for 1/2 mile then progressively faster; and at goal MP for 1 mile then fast) this morning, that was my reaction.  They were HARD. I didn’t feel good about my times (though the effort felt right on).  And I didn’t feel good about where I was in relation to the others in my group at the “finish line” (even though I KNOW I’m not supposed to compare myself to the others, it’s hard).  So I was all set to do a post on how much 2 mile repeats suck, how hard they were, how I suck, etc.

But then I did a few things that made me realize that I don’t suck.   What did I do?  I went back and looked at my running log from when we did an all out two mile in mid-June.  And I realized that although my time was a little slower today (but our 2 miles today measured longer than our time trial in June – must have had a slightly different start/finish line), my heart rate today was MUCH better than in June.  So I was basically doing the same effort today (all out), but my average heart rate and maximum heart rate were 7 and 9 beats per minute lower. That’s huge!  And that is consistent with what I’ve noticed about my heart rate on virtually all my runs the last month or so – recovery runs, tempos, intervals, marathon pace, long runs – for all my runs my heart rate is improving (i.e. getting lower while my paces are getting faster).  The other thing that I thought about today was that my mileage has been high and the quality of my workouts have been intense.  I’m in the middle of peak mileage/training – so of course my times now aren’t going to be PR’s and improvements all the time.  And coach has me doing different things than the others – so I need to stop comparing myself to them for every workout.  Example:  they all had 45 minute recovery run yesterday.  I had 10 mile run with 7 miles at goal marathon pace.  So it’s to be expected that I’m not gonna be able to keep up with people I normally can keep up with, right? What is important and what I need to remember to focus on are the objective things like heart rate AND how I feel.  And I feel strong and fast and fit.

So, lesson learned.  I don’t suck.

Although I still say that 2 mile repeats do suck.

One thought on “Heart Rate Doesn’t Lie

  1. I love looking back in the training log to gain confidence during the season! Glad you were able to do so with those repeats (which do sound hard BTW). Your training is going awesome – keep it up and good luck this weekend!

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