I’m Loving My Destiny

The past year I’ve commented to several people that if I could find a job that involved running and writing (and that paid the bills!), I’d be in heaven.  Jack recently had the courage to quit his “real job” because he knows his soul needs to run.  I’m thinking Jack doesn’t have two kids, multiple mortgages and a shopping problem habit like I do.

Although I didn’t quit my job, I did write about running this week in a place other than my blog.  Check out my Runners Rules of the Road post at Avvo’s Naked Law blog (unfortunately, the nominal fee I got will barely buy me a nice bottle of Cab, let alone make a dent in my mortgage).  Oh well.  One of these days I’ll find that ideal job where I can run and write!

All this running and writing talk fits in well with yesterday’s meditation from Melody Beattie (it’s been awhile; you thought maybe you were done hearing about my meditations.  No such luck!):

Your Destiny is Now:  Destiny isn’t some distant place, or a peak of fame and fortune. Destiny isn’t one moment in our lives, one time when we shine for all the world to see.  Those moments are nice, if they come.  But there’s more to destiny than that.  Destiny is now.  Destiny is each moment in our lives, shining through, linking together . . . Destiny means embracing each moment, being present for it, cherishing it because it is our now.  Whether it holds exhilaration, discovery, sadness, tough decisions, confusion or tender love, each moment is our destiny.  Let yourself live and be in each moment, with each person, learning each lesson along the way.  Destiny isn’t someplace we go.  Destiny is where we are.

Love it!

So I guess for now I have to accept that my destiny, as far as running and writing, is the occasional paid blog entry and not a career in running/writing that’s gonna make me filthy rich!

My weekend was THE BEST.  Filled with so much that was simple and good and right.  I’m loving my destiny. 🙂

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