Chicago Marathon Training, Week #9 Recap

I feel better about training this week – core and pilates returned and I had a (relatively) high mileage week even with two days completely off of running.  Pretty sure I’m feeling so good because I made more of an effort to eat better and sleep more.

Chicago Training week #9 recap:

  • Miles Run: 55.6
  • Miles Biked: 71.2
  • Pilates: 1 time
  • Core: 3 times

The Details:

  • M: 8.2 miles (8:11 w/ 2.5 miles GMP and 3 x 3 minutes at about 90%); Bike 19 miles
  • T: 12 miles (8:44);
  • W: 9 miles (8:35 w/ 10 x 400m at 1:31 – 1:36)
  • Th:  Bike 20 miles
  • F: 6.1 miles (9:05); pilates
  • Sa: 20.3 miles (8:16)
  • Su: Bike 32.3 miles

48 days til race day!


Congrats to Kristy on rocking her first ultramarathon and being 3rd place female!

Stay tuned for an exciting running related give away later this week or early next week!  Hint:  It involves my BFFs, who I am not stalking, Adam and Tim.

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