One Month To Go!

Guess what’s one month from today?

My Boston registration day!  Registration opens for the less than 5 minute under BQ time group on Monday, September 17th.  Even though it’s open all week for my group and then they give us spots based on how much under our BQ time we are, you can bet that I’ll be registering right away on the 17th – just in case I misread the rules during the 1000 times I’ve read them here.

I’m less nervous about getting in this time than I was last year and, although you can never be sure, I’m fairly confident that I’ll actually get in this year.  Why?

  • They made the standards 5 minutes more difficult this year (which should eliminate a bunch of people)
  • I’m 2 minutes and 39 seconds under my BQ time this year (last year I was only 14 seconds under my BQ time and they cut it off at like 1 minutes 15 seconds under)
  • There were a couple really hot marathons in the past year (Chicago 2011, Boston 2012, which other ones?), which I’m hoping eliminated people who otherwise would have qualified.

But until I actually get the confirmation email (which we are supposed to get by October 1st), I’m gonna be on edge.  Which means I’ll be semi-freaking out on the blog.  Lucky readers!


Shout out to my running twin Kristy who is running her first 50k on Sunday! Good luck!


Random quote/thought that I read today and that I love:

The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.

Here’s hoping that all 5 of my blog readers spend the weekend smiling with someone who matters to them.  I’m planning on it. 🙂

One thought on “One Month To Go!

  1. thanks for the shout out! i hope i don’t get lost in the woods on my 2.5 mile loop 😉
    you are in like flynn for boston…BUT i totally understand the freaking out. and i read the rules again and again like a zillion times.

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