It’s Official: I’m a Klutz

Here I was thinking that I was just a klutz on the bike because I wasn’t used to it.  Not so.  Apparently I’m just a klutz, period.  Check out my knees (and you can’t see it, but I think my right index finger is sprained) from my fall on my run today.  Ugggggg.

Ignore the ugly hair – you’d look like crap too if you just ran 20 miles.

At least I have cute running shoes.

And my fall was only at mile 9 of a planned 20 mile run.  I’m lucky like that.  So now my knees match my elbows from fall after fall after fall on my bike.

Thankfully, I’m tough and I will be ok. 🙂

And I did survive our first 20 miler of the Chicago Marathon Training Cycle.  20.2 miles at 8:12 pace with 164 avg HR. It’s all good.  I’m feeling really good about the training! 🙂

Here is the training group that you all hear so much about (about 1/2 of us are training for Chicago and the rest for Twin Cities)  So much fun!

Not quite sure why I’m slouching backwards like that 🙂

6 thoughts on “It’s Official: I’m a Klutz

  1. Looks like a fun group! Sad for your knees, especially that you were only at mile 9. Way to get it done anyway and to be TOUGH. 🙂 Congrats on the first 20 of the cycle.

    1. It takes a special kind of talent! 🙂

      We were running downtown Minneapolis on sidewalks at that point and there was a tree with low branches, so I was looking at that and trying to duck to avoid having my head chopped off and didn’t see that the sidewalk was uneven and down I went!

      1. Haha – ouch! Very impressive pace for 20 on a relatively high mileage week! Can’t wait to see you take some names in Chicago!

  2. Lynne

    I did a 5K today and my friend was saying she avoided the sidewalk for fear of that very thing! Ouch–looks very painful. Twenty miles–hard to imagine that distance just yet. Nice!

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