Change of Scenery



Love running along the shore of Lake Superior!




7 miles flew by with this as my scenery!

Good times in Duluth the past few days, where I went for a work conference.  The change of scenery and break from the routine of work/life was very much needed.

Took today off as a complete rest day, thanks to too much fun last night:

Key Lime Martini – SO good – tasted like dessert!





Cheers to office sharing! (An attorney in my building)


Too much fun in a tiny elevator!

Bonus that I ran into Adam, my imaginary-turned-real-life-friend/blogger/running coach who got me started on the whole low heart rate running thing ages ago and who coached me through my first marathon.  So fun!

One thought on “Change of Scenery

  1. Lynne

    The key lime martini looks tasty!
    When you trained with the low heart rate stuff, did you find it really frustrating in the beginning? And did you find that you made great improvements over time? I think sticking with it long enough to see results will be the challenge for me. And I will definitely have to do my long runs at a normal pace (not sure if this qualifies as “tempo run”) because otherwise I’d never get them finished!

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