Pink Birthday Surprise! (And Chicago Marathon Training Week #7 recap)

I wasn’t sure what to wear with the cool temps for today’s morning ride.  Imagine how excited I was when my riding partner showed up with an early birthday present for me – a BRIGHT PINK light weight riding jacket (sleeves zip off so it’s a vest too).   Isn’t it cute??  I love starting my birthday week off with presents. 🙂 So fun!  A few more days of 40 left . . .

So this morning I did my second attempt at a mini-duathlon practice session. 3.25 mile run/18.4 mile bike/2 mile run.  Transitions were a bit slow because I needed to get my early birthday present (SO worth the slow transition time!).   But in general things felt good.  The first run part was slow because my hamstrings felt tight from yesterday’s 18.5 mile run.  But the bike loosened things up and my second run actually felt great (legs were a little jelly like right after getting off the bike).  Very fun!

Chicago Week #7 recap:

  • Miles run: 55.9
  • Miles biked: 80
  • Core: 5 days
  • Pilates and strength: don’t ask


  • M: 8 miles (7:57 w/ 1 mile of 200 fast, 200 slow; 3 x 800 and 3 x 400); 15.5 biking
  • T: 11 miles (9:13 w/ 5 x 20 second hill sprints); 23.3 biking
  • W: 7 miles (7:57)
  • Th: 22.8 biking
  • F: 6 miles (8:40 w/ 7 x 100m strides)
  • Sa: 18.5 miles (8:26)
  • Su: 3.25 run (9:15); 18.4 bike; 2 run (8:00)

62 days til race day!


Life is good! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pink Birthday Surprise! (And Chicago Marathon Training Week #7 recap)

  1. Hey…my birthday is this week, too! Thursday to be exact, and I’m staring at 41. 40 had its ups and downs. Here’s hoping 41 rocks! Happy early birthday to you!

  2. Tina

    Cute new jacket! You amaze me with how
    You fit so much biking and running in!
    You will do awesome at Iron Girl!

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