That’s how I felt for almost every step of my solo long run this morning.  18.5 miles of blah.  It didn’t feel horrible, it just didn’t feel good.  It didn’t feel as easy as it should have for the paces I was trying to hit.  (8:40 for 1st 4 miles, 8:30 next 4 miles; 8:20 next 4; 8:10 next 4; 8:00 for final 2.)  I didn’t hit my paces for the ending 5 – 6 miles.  Which irritates me.

It wasn’t a bad run, it just wasn’t what I wanted.  18.5 miles (8:26 avg pace; 163 avg HR)

So instead of sitting here all day being irritated by the run, I started thinking of it as a learning opportunity and tried to figure out what went “wrong”, why the run was off.  You blog readers are smart, bet you can figure it out in about 10 seconds.  Ready?  Go.

Prize to whichever one of you said: “I bet Cindi’s long run sucked because of the two french silk pie blizzards, the brownie the size of her hand, the greasy hamburgers, the beer, the red wine and the lack of water that she’s had.”

Just a guess, but I think my crappy fueling this week played a part in why I felt so Blah today.  I felt large and off.

I have recently been joking with a friend of mine about how I’m going to get rich and write a book about my Super Speedy Secret Marathon Training plan of hamburgers, beer, blizzards and red wine.  Only 9 weeks of training left.  Time to scrap the crappy diet and get serious.  Wish me luck.  🙂

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