It’s a Brave New World

I did it.  My first group ride.  And I survived to tell the story. 🙂

I’ve ridden quite a bit this summer on the roads by myself, and with one other person, and even with 4 people.  But I’ve been scared to actually go to organized group rides from the club.


  • Because I don’t do group classes and in my mind a group ride is a bit like a group class.
  • Because I get nervous clipping in and out around others and in traffic
  • Because I worry about being so slow and holding the group back or struggling to keep up and over-exerting myself.
  • Mostly because new things are scary.

But I’ve been thinking about those New Year (not New Years) Resolutions that I blogged about last December after my separation, and one of those things was to quit being so afraid – to try new things – be more adventurous – experience life.  So I decided to try a group ride.  I picked the ride today because one of the ride leads has been teaching me about cycling and riding with me on my own, and I trust what he says.  And he said that he thought I was ready for his Thursday group ride, in terms of skill and confidence.  And he promised to make sure I didn’t get left behind.*

So I went.  And it was scary.  But it was also exhilerating.  I’m glad that I stepped way out of my comfort zone this morning.  I’ll do another group ride again soon.

*I should have made him promise that I wouldn’t fall. Though it wouldn’t be fair to blame my stupidity at forgetting that I was clipped in on one foot when we’re at a complete standstill at an intersection on him.  I get full credit for that!


Fall #4  in my 4 month cycling career! (My knee is much worse!)

2 thoughts on “It’s a Brave New World

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