Don’t Out Run Yourself

This week – the past couple weeks actually – I’ve been constantly questioning MB, my  running coach.  I’ve been asking about the point of various workouts.  Asking for more miles.  Asking about what the upcoming workouts are for the week, as well as asking about the planned long runs weeks down the line.

I don’t do well with just doing what I’m told, without knowing the WHY behind it.  I also don’t do well with not knowing what is coming up in the days and weeks ahead, because I’m a planner. 🙂

So today’s words of inspiration (you know, my daily meditation;  I swear I can hear the collective groan from my 5 blog readers!) were particularly timely:

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Don’t get ahead of yourself.  There are many wonderful places left to visit, many experiences to have, many people to meet and enjoy.  But you aren’t there yet.  There will be come trials, too.  More lessons along the path.  But you aren’t there yet, either.

Stay in this moment.  It contains the experiences you need to have.  This moment contains your happiness.  Living this moment, being fully present for it, is the way to get to the next experience, the next person, the next emotion, the next adventure.  Cherish the moment.  Feel all there is to feel.  Learn the lessons of today, and y ou will be prepared for the adventures and joys of tomorrow.


For running, it is a good reminder for me to just concentrate on my runs one run at a time. (Of course, no matter what I’m still going to be Type A and want to plan ahead; but there IS something to being adaptable with training and not planning too far ahead because you really do need to adjust the schedule, within reason, based on how you are running, how you are feeling, what life events are happening, etc.)

In life, this is such a good reminder to me to just live in the moment.  And THAT is exactly what I’ve been doing for a couple weeks now and even though I still don’t have it all figured out, I am having SUCH a fun time with the experiences that life is throwing my way.  Love it.

So, back to running.  This morning stayed in the moment for 6.5 miles of speed.  Wheee!  Well, actually only 2 of them were speedy.  But those 2 miles were so fun.  2 x 800m, starting at HM pace and getting faster each lap, then 4 x 400m at fast, but not crazy all out fast.  I was happy that I negative split the laps and even more happy that they felt fabulous and I didn’t feel like I was killing myself and could have done more.  Times, for the numbers geeks:  2 x 800 (3:22; 3:19)  4 x 400m (1:27; 1:27; 1:26; 1:24).

And now, in the spirit of living in the moment, I’m off to enjoy a glass of red wine while I soak in an epsom bath. 🙂

One thought on “Don’t Out Run Yourself

  1. I’m like you… Very Type A! Sometimes it just feels good to let go, though, and not be so preoccupied with all the planning.

    And nice paces!

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