Chicago Marathon Training, Week #5 recap

I feel much better about this week!  I was smarter about my paces and smarter about not getting too wrapped up in the cycling and letting it interfere with my running.  Also did a decent job with core and/or pilates every day and I can feel that the core is stronger.  What I did NOT do a great job on was eating.  Uggg.  Feeling large and squishy again.  Damn you,  you DQ Blizzards!

This week is a cut back week.  Gonna let the body rest and recharge and get ready for the intensity to pick back up next week.

Chicago Marathon Training, Week #5 recap

  • Miles Run: 54.3
  • Miles Biked: 37.4
  • Pilates: 3 times
  • Core: 4 times
  • Strength:  Ugggg, don’t ask.

The Details:

  • M: 7.2 hilly miles (7:52)
  • T: 7.1 miles (8:43; w/ 5 x 100m strides); pilates
  • W: 9.3 miles (7:58 w/ 2 x 2 mile repeats at about 7:05)
  • Th: 10.7 miles (9:00; w/ 5 x 100m strides); 15.5 miles biking
  • F: 4 miles (9:32); pilates
  • Sa: 16 miles (8:08; w/ 3.75 at MP)
  • Su: biked 21.9 miles; pilates

76 days til race day!

2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training, Week #5 recap

  1. I had a DQ French Silk blizzard tonight–you are right–it was amazing! I’m loving my Sunday night DQ trips.

    Great work on the training! I’m glad you had a good week.

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