The Group Ride That Wasn’t

I was all set to go on a big group ride tomorrow.

I have no idea who these people are, I just googled group ride images

I saw my running buddy KH (who I miss so much since she’s not training for a marathon now) on our group run this morning and she convinced me to try tomorrow’s group bike ride.  You know how that happens – you’re with someone and you get talked into something?  So for some reason when I was talking to her, and then to my other new biking friend later in the day, riding with 20 – 25 other riders at 5:30 a.m. didn’t sound so bad.  It even sounded fun.  So I said yes.  And I was really gonna do it.

But by noon, I was starting to re-think things.  I was nervous.  I started thinking about the falls that I’ve had on my bike already (and here).  I started thinking about my clipping in issues (I am fine when I’m on my own and when there isn’t traffic, but at intersections and when I’ve been with a couple other people on rides, I get REALLY nervous and can’t clip in, and then I look down at my feet to try to clip in and I swerve to the side; uggggg; if I was riding with others and did this, I’d hurt myself or them.)

By three o’clock I was starting to stress out about the morning ride.  Major stress.

At six o’clock I was having dinner with a friend and mentioned how stressed I was about the ride and as I was talking about it, I realized that I needed to bail.  I get the whole “You don’t know if you like something until you try it” thing.  But this is different.  I shouldn’t be completely stressed out and freaked out about a ride.  And if I am – and if I were to go into the ride stressed out and freaked out – there is a decent chance I would hurt myself (or someone else!).

So tomorrow at 5:30 a.m., I won’t be stressing out about a group ride.  Instead, I’ll be doing what I love doing.  I’ll be watching the sun rise while I’m running.  And I can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “The Group Ride That Wasn’t

  1. Frankie


    I don’t know how much practice you’ve done with clipping in and out but ill pass on a little advice I was given when I first switched over. Take 30 minutes and ride around in your neighborhood, stopping at each streetlight, alternating feet you clip in and out. That way you get used to what it feels like with each foot coming to a stop and unclipping. Repeat the practice sessions a few times if you desire. As far as group rides, stay towards the back during the rides until you get more comfortable with clipping in and out in a group setting. That way if you find yourself looking down to clip in, your probably not gonna swerve into anybody or possibly hold anybody up. You’ll get the hang of it with time and practice. I’ve been riding with a group for 3 years and I see both vets and rookies have issues and occasionally fall over. It happens to all of us, trust me. Keep at it.

  2. Matt

    Enjoy yourself! The whole point of riding with others is to not only push yourself, but to make it more enjoyable. If that’s not going to happen, I think you made a super smart decision!

    1. Hi Matt – I do enjoy riding with others – that’s part of what I’ve really liked about cycling. But right now I think I need to limit the others to just a couple people at a time and not attempt the whole large group thing. And I heard the group was fast this morning, so I KNOW I made the right decision about this morning!

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