Chicago Marathon Training, week #4 recap

This was a mixed week for me.   One great thing (winning 1st female in a 10k!).  But overall, a not so great week because of soreness from the 50 mile bike ride last Sunday.  So I only ran 5 days and only biked once.  Major cut-back week.  But what I missed in miles, I made up for in desserts!  Ugggg.  I feel like a big pig and will definitely need to make next week a better week.   And somehow life got in the way and I slacked on my core stuff too.  Uggggg.

I’m ready to work hard now though!  I’m feeling really optimistic about where I’m at, pace and fitness-wise.  I just need to be smarter about doing too much – I loved the 50 mile bike ride, but in retrospect I think it was too much to do the day after 15 mile run w/ 3 at MP.   The residual soreness from it screwed up my running training and the running is way more important to me, so I need to be smarter!

Chicago Training, Week # 4 recap:

  • Miles Run: 39.9
  • Miles Biked: 16
  • Pilates: 2 times
  • Core: 4 times

The Details:

  • M: 6.1 miles (8:29)
  • T: bike 16 miles; pilates
  • W: 6.7 miles (w/ 4 x 1 mile repeats) (7:41)
  • Th: 7 miles (9:00)
  • F: pilates
  • Sa: 8 miles with a 10k race mixed in (44:26 woot!)
  • Su: 12.1 mile slogfest (8:58)

83 days til race day!

The week, in pictures:

Me and Meg before the Spirit of the Lakes 10k (her first 10k!)

Meg and her CC friends before the 10k


Chocolate cake!

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