Thursday Thoughts: Massage Mike Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Holy crap – I had the best massage ever tonight.  I went to Massage Mike at my club and everything I had heard about him from different running ladies was true.  He worked my muscles in ways that I didn’t know they could work (and in which they desperately needed to be worked).  Normally with a massage I’m just laying there.  This dude propped body parts up  in goofy ways so he could work what needed working.  And it worked. 🙂
  • I needed the massage because I’ve been sore since the 50 mile bike ride Sunday.  My right hamstring was aggravated a bit (remember when I screwed it up on my 40th birthday last year?)  But the main thing I’ve been experiencing is soreness in my inner lower thighs, near the knee.  Massage Mike said this is from the hip adductors working to stabilize me when I work one leg at a time (which you do when you do the downstoke on cycling, he says).   It was so bothersome (not painful like hurt hurt, just sore) that I cut my 10 miler off at 7 miles today and I’m taking a COMPLETE rest day tomorrow.  I would way rather be cautious than end up screwed up.
  • This week has been a crappy eating week – I’m back to eating 2, 3, 4 or more treats a day.  My new favorite blizzard:  French Silk Pie.  Those things rock!  But, ugggggg, I’m feeling large and icky.  Must gain some control back.  Starting tomorrow.
  • We did mile repeats on Wednesday with the group.  For the most part I liked them and was pleased with the performance.  6:55, 7:22, 6:41, 6:37.  He had us back down on repeat #2 to touch-faster than HM pace.  It’s hard to compare where I’m at to previous training cycles because we are doing different  stuff.  But when I go back and look at mile paces in general, I’m faster.  And – most importantly – I FELT strong and faster.  I didn’t feel like these repeats at these paces were killing me.
  • Passage from earlier this week in my daily meditation book, which came at just the right time (yes, again!) and which has so much meaning for me right now with some life stuff:  Trust the timing of your lessons.  We’re here to learn our lessons, discover our truths, have our adventures.  Let yourself have your experiences.  Allow yourself to learn what you learn when you learn it.  Be happy, grateful and excited when your lesson arrives.  Trust your voice, that quiet inner voice, when it speaks to you of truth.  Be grateful you can hear it; do what it tells you to do.  Trust the timing of your heart.

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