Chicago Marathon Training, Week #3 recap (and FIFTY mile ride!)

Chicago Marathon Training, Week #3 recap:

  • Miles Run: 44
  • Miles Biked: 90.5 (with a 50 mile ride!)
  • Core: 6 days (10 min. a day)
  • Pilates: 1 time
  • Strength: random push ups and hill sprints


  • M: 6 miles w/ 8 x 400m (1:26 – 1:31)
  • T: pilates
  • W: 5k race (22:51; 7:19 pace); 2.1 miles warm up; Bike 28.6 miles
  • Th: 8 miles (9:15); Bike 11 miles;
  • F:6.5 miles (9:11, w/ 5 x 20 second hill sprints)
  • Sa: 15 miles (8:06, w/ 2.7 miles at 7:34)
  • Su: 3.25 (9:39); Bike 50.9 miles

Things that went well this week:

  • core!  Don’t they say it takes 21 days to form a habit?  I feel like my 10 minutes of core, which I’ve been doing for 3 weeks now, is starting to feel like not as much of a PITA.  And I feel stronger and look less squishy! 🙂
  • Reeling myself in on the hot days and the days that I needed easy runs.  Notice all my 9:00+ paces??  Easy days easy.  Hard days hard.
  • My diet.  I’ve been making healthier choices this week.  And mixing in just the right amount of red wine and beer to keep life fun, but not interfere with the training. 🙂

90 days til race day!


Farthest bike ride yet today.  50 miles!  In 85 – 90 degrees and sun.  Yep, I’m a bad ass. 🙂   I definitely need to figure out fueling on a bike.  It’s very different than running, in my mind anyway.  First, it’s not as easy to do – at least for me since I’m new to this whole cycling thing and sort of need both hands on the handlebars.  I can’t very easily eat/gu/drink while riding, because I’m a clutz and sort of fall alot.   Second, although biking is certainly tiring – while climbing hills or going fast – it doesn’t feel like as much of a constant workout like running does, so I forget that I should be/need to fuel.  So by the end of my 50 mile ride, I was feeling really weak and a little dizzy, which tells me I didn’t take in enough fuel.  Next time I’ll do better.

Off to an Epsom bath.  The legs feel tired. 🙂

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